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Sunin Machine Co.,Ltd. was found in 1978, with over 30 year since which, under the direction of HSU.F.C,Chairman of Board, and based on the professionalism and consistent effort in chemical industry and consistent been specialized in the Production of professional chemical engineering machines for chemical grinding, dispersion, packaging and transport. It always provides the best production equipment and the highest efficiency to it's customers during it's complete process of research, design, production and sale.
Sunin has been advancing under the business concept of prudence honesty and steadiness in over 30 years since the foundation. In order to provide higher quality products, all staff is pursuing the perfection and the research and design for more automatization to offer the best equipment and service to customers. Sunin has experienced a gradual development with the encouragement. Advices and supports form customers and leading producers. We take this chance to express our appreciation to them and hope all the friend continue giving us advices and supporting us as usual.

★ Operation principle

Tawain-based Sunin Machine Company Ltd. offers a dispersion mixer that is suitable for work in narrow spaces in laboratories, with a handy and practical design. The double-purpose mixing cup can be cooled and heated through a pipe connector according to different formulas. The innovative working structure can be used for both mixing and dispersion, and reduce material loss and environmental pollution during the transfer by the peripheral pump, according to the company. This unit can be used in bulk production. The mixer can be used as oil pressure-driven type or manually operated type. It has wide application for fluid materials, providing mixing, dissolving and dispersion. The Sunin dispersion mixer offers easy cleaning and maintenance and can either be connected to the mill machine directly or work independently.

Horizontal sand mill is a kind of horizontal dispersion machine for continuous wet production of ultra microns. It's operation process is to us use the high-viscosity pump, such as cogwheel pump, to input the well-mixed raw material into the grinding chamber of the main machine. The grinding chamber is filled with a proper quantity of grinding medium, such as glass beads. The grinding media is driven by and the dispersing disc to disperse with the shear force. The grinding media and the dispersed mater are separated by a special separating device and respectively discharged.Because the operation skill is not highly required as that of the three-roll mill, the dispersion quality is consistent and excellent and the continuous production is achieved, the sand mill is used to increase the quality and reduce the cost, as well to Disperse the high viscosity msterials, such as the ones in varnish, printing ink, dyestuff, correction fluid, cosmetic, agricultural chemical, electronics and paper making industries.


(I) The production concept is to emphasize the stability of dimensions and the exchange ability of parts to guarantee the high standard and high quality (after the sale of the first machine, all the machines produced by sunin are still in good condition and in operation.)

(II) With the support from all advanced leading producers in the industry, our company has long been focussing on the various demands and applications of customers and researching and developing new machine type and the combination of parts in order to provide the utmost economic the customers in their way further successes.

(III) Our perfect after sales services including not only the hardware, but also the technical consultation. Our company expect to positive. Our company customers though the perfect after sales services.


★ Brief Introduction

In chemical industry, dispersion engineering has been an important process. It is widely used in many fields, including coating, varnish, printing ink, dyestuff, dye printing and agricultural chemicals. Dispersion is the function to disperse the solid particles into liquid medium and actually consists of three steps :

(I) Wetting, replacing all the absorbed gas on the surface of solid particles by liquid.
(II) Grinding, splitting the coagulated particles into original particles by mechanical separate power.
(III) Dispersion, transferring the wetted original particles to the liquid medium to separate the particles permanently.

The traditional dispersion machines are three-roll mill and ball mill. Since Dupont's invention of vertical sand mail to accelerate the slow production of ball mills in 1952, the dispersion machines have come into a new period. In 1966, European Scientists further replaced the vertical sand mill by the horizontal sand mail for the problems such as uneasy change of color. Reluctant start caused by the grinding media on bottom after still settlement and the easy crush of heads. The new horizontal sand mill not only retains the advantages of the vertical sand mill, but also adopts the automatic cleaning device with compulsory separation, which increases the filling rate of grinding media to 70-85%. The grinding media are evenly dispersed to highly improve the grinding efficiency, the new mill has many unbeatable advantage, such as no pollution, less energy consumption and easy change of colors, and becomes the mainstream of dispersion machines it's applicability to the viscosity of 80-120ku.

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